Saturday, August 31, 2013

Old Punks Are Like Butts, They Need To Be Fucked

 Nothings annoys the shit out of me more than the old fuck that used to be into punk rock that now thinks it sucks because he or she now listens to Tom Waits or whatever. It has been years since they have gone to a show, read a fanzine, or bought a punk rock record but they spout shit like they know what is up. They don't know shit!
 I have no problem with them moving on to better things, but they need to get their decaying carcass out of the way...

Things I Miss About My Old Job #666

I don't really miss my old job, fuck that place! I do miss some of the interesting people I worked with... I used to work with a fellow Sri Lankan named Garvin (that looked like a brown Adolf Hitler), Garvin was a total pervert and would always ask me questions such as, "you fuck wifey?" &, "Brothah, you look happy today, fuck Bethany?"

One one occasion Garvin told me, "Sinhalese men don't eat pussy" & on another he told me, "Sri Lankan men are real men and that we need a lot of pussy", what a fucking ham! Luckily for me, Garvin never considered me a real Sri Lankan, he would introduce me to people like this, "this is Karl, his mother is from Sri Lanka"... go figure!