Friday, May 30, 2014

Corporate Rock Still Sucks.

 In a world where just about everything is for sale, there is something liberating about being a part of something that is not for sale! Recently Punk Rock Bowling was in town, which is always a reminder why I hated heavy metal music in the 80's. I totally get that it is difficult to exists in this world without a corporate cock leaving a dent or two in tomorrows turds, but should punks willingly guide that corporate cock into their anus so that "punk" bands can be another tourist attraction? Maybe I am not one to talk I work in the tourism industry... growing up in Las Vegas punk rock was my escape from the job in the casino I was born to have. Many punks will fight to shove that corporate tit, clit, butthole, or cock in their mouth for a buck or two. As I grow older I grow increasingly more thankful of the bands, artists, zines, bands, or whatever that reject that shit! I am sure this rant doesn't make sense, but when I was walking around work bored as fuck it sure as fuck did, & now that I am drunk and listening to the Tiltwheel tune Can't Remember Shit it sure seems like a good idea! 

Friday, May 02, 2014

As A Fat Fuck That Loves Records, I Got To Say, Fuck Picture Discs...

currently I am listening to the Ministry tune Every Day I am too drunk to explain why I prefer the regular vinyl version over the more "collectible" picture disc version

#1) I don't give a fuck if a record is collectible
#2)  I like looking at the sleeve, reading the song titles, & reading whatever information is given, especially if it has awesome bonus art!
#3) give me the least valuable version of your release, this shit is an audio investment not a financial one
#4) looking at that shit while shit is spinning is fucked up!
#5) I am even drunker than when I first drew this shit

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Speaking In Code #666

When a skinhead says, "I'm not political!" What they really mean is that their politics are more in line with your batshit crazy grandma in Arizona & not the "homos" in the Bay Area! 

At This Point In Life... only chance of getting a boner is if I am bitten by a Brazilian Wandering Spider! Thankfully the other day I was listening to the Joe Rogan Podcast and learned about this cure for my broke-dick dilemma 

Involuntary Spontaneous Masturbation Disorder... a great conversation starter! 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I like eating at the Cornish Pasty!

There will always be new music that old people think sucks, as for myself I am always discovering new music that rules & as I get older I keep finding older & older music that rules as well... 

Are You Down With OPP?

If I could get an erection I'd be down with O.P.P.

O.P.P. not G.O.P.

Teardrop tattoos indicate a lack of tears shed over bitch ass employees 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014