Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Step Up 2 Step Aerobics

Alright everybody, I am sure most of us are stuck in our houses, so I am gonna try to keep things light... here is a comic inspired by my love for step aerobics, which is probably the most hard core form of exercise 

Tuesday, September 03, 2019

Moo Cow!

 I guess this page is becoming my gallery space for non cock & not as much cock art space, ha go figure!

 I haven't been drawing as much the last few weeks, I have discussed this on my other page 365daysofcock.com, back hurts, feet hurt, hip hurts...etc I love drawing standing up spinning records and drinking beers, but that doesn't work with what's going on, so I find my self propped up with cushions icing my back and reading or watching way too much television. I have been out of work for two month and the doctor thinks I will be out for at last another two, damn! So I have to find a way to draw in my new resting position.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Between March Madness and Spring Break I feel like I am surrounded by assholes!

This year the March Madness people were their usual asshole selves, which is fine we are used to it, but this year for some reason the Spring Break kids seem like bigger fucking assholes! They are more racist, more sexist, more angry, & more obnoxious (as stated in this post)... I don't know why these pasty fucks are so angry, they have everything going for themselves. In a worst case scenario their lives will turn out just fine, possibly with multiple divorces, diabetes, and a house in a boring neighborhood like Summerlin. I am sure they will look back on these times as that "wild" time in their life, get over it jerk off!  Whatever your reason to go on vacation, have some fun, get drunk, meet some groovie people, and for fucks sake don't treat the "help" like pieces of shit!

 My 365 Days of Cock project is winding down, so hopefully that will mean more time to post here... 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014