Saturday, August 22, 2015


 Recently some guy asked me to start a band with him, he said it would be great and we could do a punk, metal, & rock ‘n roll thing. “Fuck that!” I thought to myself, he then told me that we would sound really good, “Like I give a fuck or two shits about sounding good!”

 In this point in my life I don’t have enough time to start a band, fuck I don’t even know when I am going to have a day off, but that is not the reason I didn’t want to start a band with this guy. The truth is I didn’t want to be in a band with someone that loves Jesus, listens to Slipknot, wants some pussy, & most importantly is sober. Yes, he told me all of these things over the course of five minutes… He expanded on the pussy thing by telling me he only started jamming to get laid.

 I told him nicely that I don’t have the time, but he insisted that I jam with him & he even told someone I was in his band, which is embarrassing to me since I don’t hang out with squares.
With that written this is a fun yet informative guide to what type of person I will not Rock ‘n Roll with!

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GE 138 Las Vegas said...

Please give this guy my information, as the only reason why I play is also, just to get laid... hahahahaha