Tuesday, March 10, 2015

There Are Bands That Everyone Seems To Love But Me...

...while they want to rock out to these band's sounds I want to barf!

Usually, I try to focus my attention on things I like, especially art wise, but I felt it would be fun to spread some negativity. With that said/written whether I like a band or not I can still appreciate that they are out there creating shit.

KISS - I hate this band, their shtick, & their giant fan base of nostalgic rockers that wished they owned a Trans Am in the early 80's. For the most part I hate heavy metal music and the culture of androgynous homophobic coke snorting dick heads that grew up to fuck "bitches" and vote Republican.

Melvins - I like the idea of liking the Melvins, but they are just too slow for me. I am sure not being a fan of Black Sabbath would suggest I wouldn't like this band, but I still picked up Ozma when it was released. About twice a year I will read something that makes me want to give the Melvins another listen, I have been trying for about 25 years, maybe next year...

Tim Berry - I love AVAIL, but I hate folk music. To me, this singer/song writer folk thing is the guitar solo of what ever era we are in, just minus the blow & hot chicks. Sure, I would never say this to Tim Berry's face, he looks like he works out & could probably kick my ass.

Meat Puppets - Sure no one likes them any more but in the 80's and 90's people sure did. Their first 7" and LP were good but the rest sucked shit, this also applies to Die Kreuzen. People swear by Meat Puppets II and sure it has it's moments, but I am more inclined to blast Dolphin Field off of the In A Car 7"...

Voi Vod - I like the way people describe this band & I want to feel the same, but I don't. I have tried since the 80's to get into them. I recently saw Voi Vod play with Napalm Death at the Oakland Metro, I listened for about thirty seconds before I went to the side area where you can drink a beer in peace. 

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