Tuesday, September 03, 2013

 Another cartoon inspired by dip shit coworkers who repeat dumb shit they heard on the radio.

 You know what kind of person doesn't believe in apologizing? A fucking asshole!
 If you are not sorry, fuck apologizing! It takes courage to apologize when you realize you made a mistake or when you are truly sorry that you hurt someone.

 I get it though, the type that won’t apologize are also the fuckers that can never admit that they were wrong. They would rather hold on to thinking they were right than actually knowing what is correct.  They don’t give a fuck if they hurt people around them because they have their pride, fuck these people!

 As far as leaders apologizing, they are probably full of shit and don’t give a fuck, so if some asshole with a flag lapel apologizes about something, “fuck off” because Monday Night Football will be back on soon & the atrocities will continue to happen…

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