Saturday, August 31, 2013

Things I Miss About My Old Job #666

I don't really miss my old job, fuck that place! I do miss some of the interesting people I worked with... I used to work with a fellow Sri Lankan named Garvin (that looked like a brown Adolf Hitler), Garvin was a total pervert and would always ask me questions such as, "you fuck wifey?" &, "Brothah, you look happy today, fuck Bethany?"

One one occasion Garvin told me, "Sinhalese men don't eat pussy" & on another he told me, "Sri Lankan men are real men and that we need a lot of pussy", what a fucking ham! Luckily for me, Garvin never considered me a real Sri Lankan, he would introduce me to people like this, "this is Karl, his mother is from Sri Lanka"... go figure!

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